I'm a new concept of ART-NFT powered by AI.

I'm a sexy waifu developed by artificial intelligence and living on the Solana Blockchain. I can be your friend, your lover or whatever you want me to be.

The pre-sale will be available on:

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Aiko - NFT Collection


"I'M AIKO" is the first NFT collection powered by IA over the Solana Blockchain.

The collection consists of 10,000 randomly generated Aiko's from twelve traits, making each unique out of hundreds of possibilities.

The Aiko Project includes the I'M AIKO collection, Aiko Marketplace, Aiko Master App, Holder Rewards, and future Multi-Chain NFT Collections.

Please take a look at our Roadmap for more information, and join our Discord!

"I'm not just a sexy NFT" - Aiko ❤

Aiko is not just an NFT; she is an Artificial Intelligence, ready to interact with you and satisfice your more intimate wishes. Mint and Aiko turn you into an Aiko Master (AKA holders). Masters can use the Aiko Master App, where they will be allowed to interact with their Aikos via text chat, voice, and camera.

Aiko evolves and learns from your tastes and adapts to your needs. Her neuronal network is trained by hundreds of Reddit posts, erotic and romantic novels, and yes, a LOT of NSFW material.

Not to mention the Aiko Marketplace, where Aiko Masters will receive 30% rewards for every fee collected by the marketplace, meaning passive income for life to all Aiko Masters.

We are building the Aiko World not only for you, but with you. Click below to see our Roadmap.

Aiko Master APP Concept

"I'm not rare, I'm unique" - Aiko ❤

"I'M AIKO" is made up of twelve traits and hundreds of possibilities.

Aiko - Solana NFT
10,000 Aiko Waifus to Mint

Twelve traits make up each NFT of the I'M AIKO collection, resulting in thousands of different possibilities to mint.

You can see the different traits using the Aiko Builder. You can also evaluate the rarity of each item by consulting our wiki.

  • Background
  • Back Item
  • Skin
  • Expression
  • Hair
  • Tattoo
  • Piercing
  • Attire
  • Hands Item
  • Face Item
  • Head Item
  • Mouth Item


Simulate all possibilities using the Aiko Builder, or check Rarety here.


What is an NFT?

NFT is short for "non-fungible token." An NFT is basically an indivisible token capable of storing a digital file for a specific purpose. Thus, an NFT can for example represent a work of art, music album, or any other type of digital file.

What is Aiko?

Aiko is a waifu powered by Artificial Intelligence and the Solana Blockchain. Its first NFT collection is called "I'M AIKO" and will be available on October 26th.

The Aiko Project includes the I'M Aiko Collection, Aiko Master App (iOS & Android), Aiko Marketplace, and Multi-chain collections.

What traits does Aiko have?

The I'M AIKO Collection has 12 different traits and hundreds of possible combinations. The collection is designed by hand and digitalized by our artists.

The traits are: Background, Back Item, Skin, Expression, Mouth Item, Face Item, Hair, Head Item, Tatoo, Piercing, Attire, Hands Item. You can check the complete list here, or play with the Aiko Builder here.

When will the drop be and what will the mint price be?

The official launch is on October 26th (UTC +0), and it's scheduled like this:

  • 11:00 AM - Whitelist early access - 500 seats.

  • 01:00 PM - Presale: 500 Aikos - minus amount sold in the early.

  • 03:00 PM - Official launch - 10.000 Aikos - minus amount sold in the early, presale, and those reserved by the team for giveaways.

The mint price will be 1.5 SOL on the early and presale stages and 3 SOL after the official launch.

I want to join the whitelist. How do I do?

Whitelist members have early access to the pre-sale (2 hours before the actual pre-sale). To win a whitelist seat, just join our Discord server and use the !whitelist command to signup.

How many Aiko's can mint per wallet?

There is no limit per wallet. If you are quick enough you can snatch as many as you can. However, there will be only 1 Aiko will be given for 1 transaction.

How many Aiko's will be available to mint?

The I'M AIKO collection features 10,000 collectible NFTs.

150 NFTs have been reserved for giveaways.

500 NFT will be available on pre-sale.

The remaining Aikos will be available for mint at the time of sale.

Will there be token incineration?

No token burn is planned. Aiko's NFT aren't pre-minted, so they will be sold until sold out. No incineration is needed.

Where can I see my Aikos?

We recommend using the Phantom wallet to purchase and store your NFTs from the Solana network.

To interact with Aiko it will be necessary to use the Aiko Master App (check our Roadmap).

Where can I buy or sell an Aiko?

The I'M AIKO Collection will be available at Solsea.io secondary marketplace (verification pending).

The collection will be available on Digital Eyes, Magic Eden, FTX, and Alpha also. We are carrying out the procedure to verify the I'M AIKO Collection in the respective markets. Check our Roadmap.

What are the benefits of holding Aiko?

Besides enjoying Aiko in all its glory in the Aiko Master app, owning an Aiko has significant benefits for its holders (AKA Masters). As an Aiko NFT will be required to play the Aiko Master app, the floor price will rise while the app launch date arrives, so it's a tremendous speculative instrument.

Also, all Aiko holders will obtain passive incomes from Aiko's Marketplace, giving you a 30% reward of all fees taken place on the marketplace, directly to your wallet.

In addition, you will be holding the FIRST waifu powered by AI on Solana's Blockchain. The collection value will be priceless as time passes.

What about Big Data and Aiko's AI?

The biggest challenge facing the development team is teaching artificial intelligence to respond accordingly to its role. The way a friend talks is very different from how a romantic couple does, even more so if we want our waifu to be naughty.

To train Aiko's neural network, we will use thousands of Reddit posts, this way, Aiko will understand the rules of language and the usual methods of using it.

To train her wild side, we will use thousands of erotic and romantic novels. We will turn Aiko into an expert of BDSM, Kamasutra, Tantra, and all kinds of arts and application you can imagine.

Read more about Aiko's AI on our Wiki

Should I think that the Aiko Master App works similarly to Apple's Siri?

Aiko is a waifu, not a personal assistant. Sure, she will be able to take care of some of your daily tasks, but her primary function is to be a companion, a friend, or a romantic partner that will always be there to take care of you and your needs.

You will be able to chat with Aiko through text message and voice. She will be able to recognize you and interact with you on video also.

What languajes does Aiko speak?

In the first stage of development, the dev's efforts will focus on giving Aiko as much coverage as possible and developing her waifu knowledge, which is why Aiko will speak English.

Once we are satisfied with Aiko's neural network and her ability to respond to different situations, we will train her new language skills.

Do you have any plans to implement functions such as dressing in NFTs?

Yes, you will be able to change the traits in the Aiko Master App. The NFT itself couldn't be changed once it's mint, but you will have a full range of accessories in the app for you to interact and play with.

"Dressing" NFTs will be known as Aiko Traits NFT, and they will be collectible and tradable as well.

Do you have any plans for airdrops in the future?

Of course! We are planning several airdrops for Aiko Traits NFT like Attire, Expressions, Hair, etc. All Aiko holders (aka Masters) will receive these airdrops on their Solana wallets free of charge.

There will be new collections airdrop also, totally free of charge for the I'M AIKO holders. We are planning more than five new collections for 2022; some of those collections will be multi-chain.

Please, take a look at our roadmap, and stay tuned on our social networks to keep updated.

What about Aiko's Marketplace?

We are developing an entire ecosystem for erotic & NSFW NFTs to have a place to be traded without any restriction or judgment. NSFW artists usually affront restriction problems because of their art. At Aiko, we think that every artist should have the right to promote, exhibit, and trade their creations, and we are making the perfect marketplace to inundate the blockchain with sexy NFTs.

Also, the Aiko Masters will enjoy a 30% rewards share from all fees collected on Aiko's Marketplace, just by holding an Aiko!

Please, check our roadmap.

How much will the Creators Fee be?

Creators' fee will be only 1.9%, one of the most lower fees in the market right now.

What does waifu mean?

Waifu is a term for a fictional character, usually in anime or related media, that someone has great and sometimes romantic, affection for.

Aiko is the first waifu powered by AI, living on the Solana Blockchain as an NFT.

Do you have plans for a Husbando (male version of waifu)?

Our efforts are focused on developing and bringing Aiko to life and establishing the Aiko brand. Yes, we have plans in the future to create a husbando version, but it's not in our roadmap or priority right now.

Do you have more questions? Join our Discord